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  IWW Documents

The Preamble, Annotated Preamble, Bylaws, and The Constitution of the IWW.

We believe in transparency in the IWW. That's why we're posting here the constitution of our union, the bylaws of our branch, and the policy manual of the union's general executive board. We also believe in directly stating our core values of radical social change, so you will also find here some documents that lay out our perspective on society.

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  Who We Are

Who we are and what we do.

The IWW is a rank-and-file-run, international union for all workers, dedicated to organizing both on and off the job, in our industries and our communities. Founded in 1905, we stand by the principles written in our Preamble, that the working class and the employing class have nothing in common, and that "an injury to one is an injury to all." We are not affiliated with any political party. We organize the worker, not job, meaning that unlike most unions, you carry your membership with you no matter what job you have, including if you are unemployed... read more

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  Join US

Questions and answers about joing the IWW.

Welcome to the Twin Cities Branch of the IWW. By joining the IWW, you will become a link in a hundred year old chain of resistance to the injustices inherent in the wage system of capitalism. More than that, you are an equal and invaluable part of building a true alternative. The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) exists to fight for the simple, yet revolutionary, idea that workers should control their own work, and that no one should get rich off of the labor of another. In a country that touts democracy, the IWW is virtually alone in advocating democracy where it really counts, in the workplace...
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  Twin Cities IWW Worker's Blog

Thouhgts and Opinions from our members

Here you will find views on various things by individual IWW members. These are only individuals' opinions, not the views of the whole organization. We believe in a culture of discussion so we provide this space for people to put out ideas, and we welcome responses.
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   Committees, Officers, Delegates

TC IWW Internal Structures

We are a volunteer-run organization. Our officers are people who coordinate particular tasks in the life of the organization. If you have questions about a particular project or want to get involved, contact the chair of the committee working on it. If you have more general questions about the IWW or our branch or you want to join, contact a delegate or our Branch Secretary Treasurers.
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  Event Calendar

Twin Cities IWW Event Calendar

Our branch has a lot going on, more than anyone can keep track of in their head. This calendar lists upcoming events. If you have questions about scheduled events, please contact one of our Branch Secretary Treasurers. If you're an IWW member and you want to add something to the calendar, please contact Jason Evans.
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Internal and External Links

Our union has a lot going on around the world, and there.s a lot more going on in the world beyond our union. In this section you will find links to a variety of IWW branches and projects, to help you learn about and get involved in the IWW beyond the Twin Cities. You will also find material on things outside the IWW that some of our members are interested in.
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