As last amended on June 3, 2008

I. Structure:

  1. The name of this branch of the Industrial Workers of the World shall be Twin Cities General Membership Branch (GMB).
  2. Membership shall be by voluntary association of IWW members in good standing; however this body shall encourage local autonomy by spinning off new Industrial Union branches wherever and whenever possible.
  3. These bylaws shall be made available to every IWW Twin Cities member as soon as possible upon initiation.

II. Membership:

  1. Members are subject to all constitutional provisions set forth in the constitution most recently ratified and amended by the membership of the Industrial Workers of the World.
  2. The Branch Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for providing a current membership list to any member in good standing who requests it unless individual members request to be unlisted on the Application for Membership form at the time of initiation or any time thereafter.

III. Elections:

  1. The branch shall elect a Branch Secretary-Treasurer and Delegates. The Twin Cities GMB may create and elect any other officers by proposal and vote, and each additional officer shall be subject to the provisions of this article.
  2. All officers and delegates must be members in good standing of the IWW Twin Cities GMB. If any officer falls more than two months behind on his or her dues, they shall be given the option of catching up or being replaced.
  3. Elections for branch officer positions will be held annually. Elections will be conducted by regular vote at a regular scheduled branch meeting. Elections will be announced at the branch meeting two months prior to the election and at the branch meeting one month prior to the election. This announcement will be included in the minutes of those meetings. Announcements of the election will be mailed to each eligible voter, at least one month prior to the election.
  4. Eligible voters shall include all members in good standing of the IWW Twin Cities GMB. Voter eligibility is determined by the records of the Branch Secretary-Treasurer. Members in good standing who are not able to attend the business meeting when the election is to be held shall have the right to vote by proxy for any eligible candidate, provided they give their vote in writing on paper, by email, or by fax to the BST the day before the election.
  5. Any member in good standing can nominate an IWW member, including one’s self, to GMB officer positions at any business meeting. Nominations require a second but do not require a vote. All members with seconded nominations shall be considered in the election.

IV. Officers:

  1. Officers elected on an annual basis shall serve 13 months from the date of their election. The final month of their term shall therefore follow the election of their successors. During this month they will continue as authorized officers of the branch, with the primary duty to train in their replacements.
  2. There shall be no limit to the number of terms served. However, consecutive terms will not be allowed for the position of Branch Secretary-Treasurer.
  3. Unfilled positions may be assigned to willing volunteers at a regular scheduled branch meeting. Special elections, referenda, ratifications, and recall elections may be called for by any eligible voter willing to give proper notice to all eligible voters.
  4. All elected roles are accountable to the membership and subject to its guidance, democratically decided instructions, and progressive discipline up to and including recall.
  5. Branch Secretary-Treasurer: Maintains a record of meeting minutes including a written record of meeting decisions and proposals. Helps draft communication with members, potential members, and supporters. As spelled out in the IWW Constitution, the Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for producing monthly branch reports, collecting monthly delegate reports, distributing branch funds, submitting financial reports to GHQ and the branch membership. Also responsible for checking the IWW Twin Cities official voicemail and email accounts. Attends monthly meetings of the IWW Twin Cities GMB whenever possible.
  6. Delegates: (see also the IWW Delegate Manual) Signs up new members, takes dues, maintains regular contact with members and other fellow workers and attends monthly meeting of Delegates Committee. Listens for and, when appropriate, helps solve problems, sometimes by means of a grievance process, sometimes by more informal means. Submits reports and dues to the Branch Secretary-Treasurer(s) monthly – preferably at the Delegates Committee meeting or the meeting of the GMB. As many delegates are elected as needed (preferably one delegate per 10 members). Attends monthly meetings of the IWW Twin Cities GMB whenever possible as well as all special meetings.
  7. All IWW organizing campaigns that wish to use the GMB credit union accounts to manage their finances shall be permitted to do so, provided that the co-signer from the campaign is an officer of the GMB in good standing.

V. Meetings:

  1. IWW Twin Cities GMB meetings to be held monthly.
  2. Rusty’s Rules of Order shall be used to organize decision-making.
  3. Meetings must be publicized to members at least by email and preferably also by face to face contact and telephone.
  4. Not less than five members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by the general membership branch and its recognized committee(s). The transaction of business includes official motions and the disbursement of branch funds. Any paid official of the IWW shall not count as a member for the purposes of quorum, in keeping with the IWW constitution.
  5. Monthly Delegates’ Committee meeting shall be held for the purpose of submitting reports & dues, planning local organizer trainings, sharing information & organizing any other activity as directed by the GMB. The Delegates Committee has no power to make or overturn policy and/or decisions made by the GMB.

VI. Finances:

  1. Voluntary payments, donations, and assessments are welcome and must be accounted for, as must any other funds.
  2. Branch accounts shall be available for inspection and audit by any branch members within one week of request.
  3. The fiscal year shall be from May 1st to April 30th.
  4. In May there shall be an audit and report of the branch treasury for the previous fiscal year. Three members invited by the branch shall conduct the audit.
  5. The Branch Secretary-Treasurer will be authorized to disburse funds less than $30.00 at her or his discretion, which will always be set aside as petty cash. These disbursements must be included in the Secretary-Treasurer’s monthly financial report.
  6. Irregular disbursements in excess of $30.00 must be approved by a majority of branch members at a regular scheduled or publicized special meeting.

VII. Job Branches:

  1. Job Branches shall be formed when five or more members are working in one workplace. Job Branches exist as the workplace organization of the IWW. Job branches shall report to the GMB about developments in their workplace. The GMB shall support the efforts of job branches to the best of its ability.
  2. Job Branches may elect Stewards and other officers as needed. Terms for all officers will be for a set time and subject to recall.

VIII. Amendments to Bylaws and Policies:

  1. The branch can create and amend branch policies other than bylaws by the simple majority of the branch at any regular monthly business meeting. The Branch Secretary-Treasurer shall keep an up to date branch policy document containing all current branch policies. This document shall be given to any member in good standing on request.
  2. Any change to the bylaws must be proposed at a regular monthly business meeting. Such changes are automatically tabled until the next regularly scheduled branch meeting, at which point the proposals can be passed by a simple majority of branch members in good standing.